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Matthew Haggett is a Portland, Oregon based artist and designer.


He has wide ranging experience in different areas of visual communication. With a masters degree in installation art and nearly 2 decades of professional experience in graphics, media, and marketing; Matthew brings considerable understanding and expertise to all of his projects. His art is collected locally, nationally, and internationally. His design clients have ranged from corporate giants to local arts non-profits.


As a graphics and marketing professional, Matthew worked in-agency for more than a decade, serving corporate giants like Microsoft & Cisco Systems. Since 2003 he has been a free agent, freelancing for local non-profits, small businesses, and individuals; serving the arts and good causes as much as possible.


second_sp_jacks_S1_26X_300WAs an artist, Matthew bridges disciplines as a painter, installation artist, and commercial / product designer. He creates digitally-designed, mechanically aided pattern paintings, and commercial installation art for a variety of individuals, resellers, and design firms.


Matthew’s work—wherever it falls in the spectrum of fine art, design, and communication—involves the interaction of the human & technological, applies scientific & mathematical principles to humanistic situations, addresses patterns and the patterns behind patterns.



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